Monday 20 July 2015

Make business or make excuses - you cant do both...

When I first started working with business owners, one of the things I became obsessed with was studying the attitudes of the really successful ones and comparing it to the attitudes of those who were struggling.  On the surface, it looks like successful people are successful because they do things differently.  But if you look beyond that, you can see that successful people are in fact successful because they think differently.

You see, your thoughts control your feelings, your feelings then control your actions and your actions control your results - so your attitude and the way you think are the route of whatever results you're getting in your business at the moment.

So, how do the successful business owners think differently from everybody else?

Well, one thing I've noticed about the business owners who are struggling, is that they have a wealth of excuses as to why they're in the situation they are in

These excuses can come in many forms, but whichever way you look at it, they are still just excuses

Whether it's the state of the economy
Personal circumstances
Lack of funds
Lack of knowledge

The list is endless and it's just excuse after excuse

Now I'm not saying that those things are easy to overcome, but they are just part of running a business - and if you are in business, then you just have to accept that sometimes you are going to come across difficulties or difficult times – it is almost a fact of life

It's your attitude towards them that makes the difference

Successful business owners have a very different way of viewing things

They face the same challenges and obstacles as everybody else - sometimes even bigger obstacles

But they think differently, and instead of accepting things the way they are and using these obstacles as excuses for why they are NOT wealthy - the do something about them

You see -the harsh reality is that you can generate leads, sign clients and do good business,  or you can make excuses - you can't do both!

And it really is that simple

No one is saying that running a successful business in any kind of sector you chose is easy - if it were, everyone would be doing it - but you need a certain attitude if you want to be successful, and part of that attitude means letting go of your excuses, standing up and taking responsibility

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