Wednesday 6 October 2010

There are some things that you need professional help with....

OK, if you were unfortunate enough to suffer from a heart attack, would you want to be treated by a well-meaning amateur who would probably do a reasonable job? Or would you want the very best heart specialist that was available?  I am guessing that you would want a specialist (if you answered that you would want a well meaning amateur, then stop reading this blog now!).
Why would you treat your business any differently?  However, many Managing Directors and Business Owners do exactly that - they trust business critical actions to well meaning amateurs who are unlikley to be able to move their business forward.
It is a tough decisoin to employ outside help into your business - but if it were a case of life or death (in business terms) is the investment not worth while?
Many business people offer the following objections;
1.  I will wait and see what happens - this is good.  Nobody wants to rush into a decision that you will regret.  Be mindful, that inactivity is not an activity in itself.  Every day that passes without you doing something is a day wasted.
2.  I dont want to pay an expert for what I caould do myself - again, this is another good point.  I am sure that if I put my mind to it, I could change the oil in my car - I have never done it, and it would probably take a great deal longer than a professional would take, but the consequences of my getting it wrong far outweigh any benefits that I may get financially.  Plus, whilst I was changing the oil in my car, what would I NOT be doing (and what is the cost of me not doing that).  Managing Directors and Owners of businesses are all experts in their own field and every moment that is spent outside their field of expertise has a cost associated to it.
The upshot is; You get what you pay for (in life as in business).  Dont think that you can do everything yourself.  Dont be afraid to get in external help for jobs that you cant (or wont) do.

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