Saturday 18 September 2010

Using Management Consultants

First of all I should admit straight away that I am a management consultant - there you are, it is now out in the open!
I went to see a potential customer the other day - he made the appointment with me and when I arrived he told me that he hates management consultants and that he will not pay for advice that he could find for himself on the internet.  Now, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but, my opinion is that those people who are willing to invest in outside help are those people who are most likely to achieve their goals and to succeed in their business.
My potential customer wanted to break into a new market (and has wanted to do for some time) so my challenge to this managing director is:  if you think that you can do it on your own (and have wanted to do it for some time) why have you not succeeded?  the answer is, of course, that although this managing director was a specialist in his own field, he was not a specialist in developing new markets.  This is why he needs external help.  I am sure that, if he had the time and inclination, my potential client ould have found a whole ream of information on breaking into new markets by browsing the internet, but could he put it into practice - the answer is probably not.
So, come on guys, no one can be an expert in everything - play to your strengths and admit your weaknesses - and bring in a professional to do the things that you cant do yourself.  When all is said and done, it will cost you less in time and stress to do so (and you will ultimately reach your business goals).
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