Thursday 30 January 2014

Marketing Method Matters (2) The pros and cons of marketing

Welcome to the second installment of our series on marketing methods. In the last post, we identified why businesses should use marketing strategies and even named a few of them.

When you choose to employ a marketing method, you need to ensure that it embodies the AIDA principles, so will look at that before going on to explore some passive marketing techniques in detail.

Attention: The first step must be to grab the attention of your potential client or customer.
Interest:Once you have their interest, keep them looking at your brand.
Desire:  Make them want your service or product over similar ones.
Action: Close the sale, provide the best product, with the best customer service.

So whether you are sending bulk emails, cold calling, blogging or making a T.V advert, ensuring it adheres to these principles will greatly affect the success of your campaign.

Let's look at the pros and cons of using warm and cold calling as a  marketing strategy:


·       Cold calling can annoy the person or company that you are calling, meaning that you are already starting with a disadvantage. It's also easy for the potential client to hang up on  you.
·       It can be expensive, either you have to take the time to do it yourself, which takes you away from the other practicalities of your business, or  you have  to employ someone to do it for you.
·       Research shows that the success rate of even getting an appointment to discuss your product or service is low, let alone making that all important sale.
·       If you are using a warm calling method, where you have a lead that has been generated by your website or customer query it can be time sensitive, if you do not contact them quickly they may have have taken their money to another business.
·       Actually speaking to the decision maker in a business can be difficult. 


·       You can pre-select who you attempt to contact. This makes it more likely that when you do speak with someone they will be interested on what you  have to say, even more so with warm calling.
·       You are being proactive instead of waiting for your clients to come knocking on your door.
·       As long as your potential client has a phone, you can attempt to make contact, regardless of their location in relation to you.

This type of marketing strategy is better suited to some businesses than others, and all businesses should use multiple techniques. We will look at more marketing methods next time.

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