Friday 14 February 2014

Marketing Method Matters (3) Using 'active' marketing techniques as part of your campaign

This is part 3 of the Marketing Methods Matter series. So far we have looked at what is marketing and why should we employ marketing strategies in our businesses, we have  also looked at the  AIDA principles, identified some strategies and looked at the pros and cons of cold calling. 
This post will look at  some common active marketing techniques.

1.               T.V, and radio adverts – with the advent of digital television and radio, the number of channels with advertising space has dramatically increased, well there are approximately 480 channels available to the UK viewer, most of which show adverts.  This means that although this is still an expensive option and will rule out many small businesses, it's no longer the domain of the massive chains, the same goes for the radio.
2.               Direct email campaigns can be easy to manage once you have got a list of email address in place, however data protection laws are strict concerning the  purchasing and use of personal contact data for marketing purposes,. There are ways of getting lists that do not  involve purchasing them, such as email capture on your website – many sites gain this information by offering free downloads or asking you to register for an email newsletter. If you are sending a mailshot you must ensure that the recipients cannot see anyone else’s email address if they can you are breaching data protection and can face heavy fines or even imprisonment.
3.                Leafleting now seems to be the domain of fast food places, like kebab shops and pizza places, and some slimming clubs.  However it is still a good for other businesses too. If you are a trade person, dentist or doctor you can be sure that most households at one time or another will need your services, so why not drop a leaflet through the door and assume  that they will keep it for reference. If you are in another business see if you can research where your customers are likely to be, and leaflet there. Don't forget that leafleting doesn't need to be in a housing estate, you can be handing them out in the town centre – (make sure you have the relevant permissions in place.)

For the penultimate post in this series we will examine some passive techniques include the components of a SEO campaign – all will be revealed.

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