Thursday 19 March 2015

Getting tough with customers to get the job done....

Sometimes I have to get tough with clients – they work with us for a reason (and that reason is usually that they want to improve their business).  We agree at the outset what WE (Blue Box) are going to do and what YOU (the client) are going to do.  It is never our aim to give you more work than you can handle – HOWEVER, if we agree something, then I expect that it will be done (and I expect that you will expect me to challenge you when it is not)

I am always disappointed when I return to a client, following a really positive previous meeting, only to find that for one reason or another, they’ve taken their foot off the pedal, got complacent and started making lame excuses as to why they haven’t done what they said they were going to do… 

It’s quite common for this to happen every now and then… And to be honest, a ‘telling off'’ when they’re not doing what needs to be done is partly why they pay me

It’s my job to make sure they keep on top of their game

No Matter how big and challenging their end goal is… It’s my job to make sure they do the little things that lead up to the big event at the end… Taking each baby step with them

Every time they don’t do what seems like a minuscule task in the grand scheme of their bigger goal, it’s a baby step they haven’t taken

And all in all success is all about baby steps - small events that lead to the big end goal

It’s easy to make the mistake to think that when a marathon runner - or any other type of athlete - wins a gold medal that it’s because they’ve ran a great race or they’ve been on top form that particular day

And although that may be true in one sense, in actual fact, the vast majority of the race is won in the weeks and months before

It’s the weeks of training and preparation in the gym, the strict diet and strategy planning that wins the race.  It’s all about laying the groundwork! 

Cyclist Bradley Wiggins is known for getting in 86 miles of training even on Christmas day

Think about that;

Whilst all your rivals are staying indoors eating mince pies and stuffing their faces with turkey, and sausages wrapped in bacon – you can be out there getting in the base miles. Never forget – that will be 87 rainy and windy miles that you’re competitors have lost to you – forever. Physical gain, - marginal – psychological advantage – incalculable. 

It’s all about the groundwork! 

And the same rules apply to your Business

Every time you make a sale, generate a lead or retain business, It’s not because of something you’ve done on that day or even that week; 

It’s because of the months of preparation you put in beforehand… 

With that being said, if you’re not getting enough of it. That is, - if you want more clients, want to generate more leads and want your current clients to spend more with you, then you need to lay the groundwork properly

If you want to take the first baby steps to improving your business then call our team now on 084 3289 3288 or email us at we are always happy to hear from new and existing customers

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Until next time, be bold and do good business 

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