Sunday 12 April 2015

Dealing with administrative tasks to ensure that your business runs smoothly

Welcome to this mini-series of posts about managing those pesky admin tasks in and out of the office

In this series of posts about business administration we will be looking at some of the different issues facing business administration staff when generating internal and external business documents. We will also be looking at the importance of having procedural documents in place for handling staff issues and business processes and of course debt collection.

In this weeks post we begin by looking at the top 3 benefits of having a planned and written structure in all aspects of your business:

1.      Whether you are in a manufacturing or a service industry in order to maintain quality and efficiency it is important to have a clear process for you and your staff to follow. It is important to break down each aspect of your business and set the process out and ensure each member of staff knows when and how they need to do certain tasks to avoid the repetition of tasks and wasted time, for example, there is no point putting a lid on a jar until the jar is full.

2.      If you have employees you should implement a staff handbook or at least a clear and concise contract. Whichever method you choose should lay out company policies on HR related issues such as absenteeism, disciplinary procedures, Internet usage policy, how and when the employee will be paid, not forgetting the realms  of their responsibility. You can also include any company benefits in this document.

3.      We have already looked at disaster management in some depth in a previous post. However planning in advance can be such an important factor in the survival of your business it is worth going over the main points to include in your disaster recovery plan such as, what will happen if you cannot use your premises or equipment for any length of time? Have you got enough money put by to carry you through a period where you are unable to trade? Have you got adequate insurance? All of these questions should be answered in a good disaster recovery plan.

When you have considered each of these points and created the documents your business is likely to run much more smoothly. This is because everyone knows what they need to do and it reduces the room for procrastination as the direction you need to take is planned for when those unfortunate unforeseen circumstances actually happen. Don't forget that a lack of planning for an emergency can spell the end of a business, but with good planning you can reduce that risk.

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Join us next time for a brief look in to correspondence concerning debt collection.

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