Monday 15 June 2015

The gentle (or maybe not) art of business seduction

You have probably met someone like this before – someone who is desperate to be in love and in a relationship?  So when they finally find that special someone, they think that their new love can do no wrong – they literally worship the ground that they walk on.  They idolise them in every way and consider themselves so lucky just to be in the same room as the object of their affection

Now, don’t get me wrong we have probably all been in this place at one time or another and there is no harm in being so devoted as long as this devotion doesn’t cause any kind of love-induced blindness (metaphorically, rather than actually, of course)

But the problem that I have with this is that when you put someone on a pedestal in this way, they have no choice but to look down on you – it is only human nature.  It may not happen straight away, it could take weeks, months or even years, but eventually they will start treating you like they are better than you – and you can’t really blame the, because it is what you have led them to believe

But this doesn’t just apply to romance and the art of dating – the same principles apply in business too

This is an area that so many business owners get wrong – they are so desperate for a client, when a new client comes along they quickly put them on a pedestal and start to idolise everything that they do – and so, eventually, they will get treated with very little respect and made to bend over backwards to meet the clients every need

There is nothing wrong with meeting and exceeding your clients’ needs or even pandering to their demands when it comes to delivering results – after all, that is what they are paying you for…

But everything else should be on your terms – and that includes how much and when they pay you, how and when you deliver your services, and whether or not you want to deliver your services at all to this customer – because at the end of the day, it is your choice about who you do and do not do business with

Also, it is worth bearing in mind (if you are one of our many followers who runs their own business) that one of the beauties of being your own boss is that you can make the choice as to whether or not you work with a particular customer

Customers have the choice to take it or leave it – but it should always be on your negotiated terms
All of this is absolutely fine – but it becomes impossible for you to enforce those terms with someone who thinks that they are better than you are

It is also far more likely that a customer who thinks that they are better than you will leave you for someone who they consider to be more on the same level as they are – the level that you have put them at

All of this is easier said than done –especially when you are desperate for new clients.  This is the reason why you should spend your time and energy mastering the art of business seduction (along with a fantastic sales and marketing strategy) – get these skills mastered and you will never be desperate for clients again!

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Until then, take care, be bold and do good business

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