Wednesday 3 June 2015

Too fat to work?

You know, sometimes I wonder what the world is coming to (and when I wonder this, it also makes me wonder if I have become a grumpy old man – this, I have to admit, is also possible)

Earlier this year I stumbled across an article on line that made me question all of humanity – or maybe just certain bits of humanity – I will explain later
I thought I had forgotten about it, but this morning I woke up and for some reason it came into my head again. The article was about a woman here in the UK called Jodie Sinclair. 
Jodie’s not like your everyday woman – No, sir, Jodie is 28 years old, weighs 28st, is morbidly obese, lives on disability benefits and has done since the age of 19. The only disability she has, is that she’s too fat to work.
But here’s the bit that made me shudder and doubt humanity
She’s been offered weight loss surgery to help her get back on her feet. Not once, but several times, AND get this – She has repeatedly turned it down! 
According to the article – Jodie states:
“I’d rather just go on like I am and be on benefits than go under the knife”
But, this piece is not intended to have a pop at Jodie, although I disagree with what she’s doing and I’d rather the tax we pay here in the UK went towards something else, it’s her life and if she chooses to end it prematurely due to overeating then that is her choice to make and I believe that it is her right to make it
You don’t have to be a doctor, a dietitian or any other medical professional to see that she’s eating herself into an early grave.
But my point is this;
Sometimes, Even though everyone on the outside looking in can see the destructive behaviour we ALL do, it’s hard to see the wood from the trees in our own lives and businesses.
Jodie is an extreme example of this, but I see similar things going on with the owners and managing directors that I speak to and that we work with on occasions
They’ll be quite obviously driving their business into an early grave by crippling their profits, working with toxic clients and undercharging for their services, but they’ll refuse to face the reality of it and go under the knife and change the way in which they do business
Sometimes the only thing that you can do – for the sake of the health and wellbeing of your business is ‘go under the knife’!  Sometimes drastic action is the ONLY action that you can take.
That’s why what we do is so powerful - because even if you don’t see what’s going on in your own business, me and the other members of our team will! And we care enough that we’ll tell you straight so you can do something about it.
A word of warning though - if you care more about not getting your feelings hurt than growing you profits then we probably aren’t right for you….!

If you would like to know about Blue Box (and our sister company Blue Box Recruitment) you can read about the things we do and the people we do it with at (or or you can contact us by calling 084 3289 3288 (for Blue Box Consultants) and 08456 894 894 (for Blue Box Recruitment). You could also drop us an email at or  It would be lovely to hear from you!

Until the next time, be bold and do good business

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