Thursday 26 November 2015

Setting your children up to fail

It is not often that I get the time to reminisce but I found myself wandering down memory lane just the other day – it has been quite a while but I can clearly remember the day that my son said that he could ride his bike without support – so I dutifully went to the garage to fetch a screwdriver – and with his help – we removed the stabilisers – strangely, it was almost like a rite of passage for both of us – him only 5 or 6 preparing to ride solo and me – significantly older – preparing to let him

All the kids who lived on the same estate as we did were already riding ‘two-wheelers’ and so he didn’t want to be left out - but riding without stabilisers is a lot harder than it looks - especially to a five year old!
He was sure he was ready - and he might well have been - but I knew (probably like every father who has ever been through the same situation) he was going to fall off!

Typical of any 5 or 6 year old - he was confident the he could do it without any help from his parents – after all, all of his friends could do it!
But I just knew he was going to fail! 
It is just something he had to go through – something we all have to go through at some point in our lives (as either the solo rider, or the nervous parent)
I stood there and I watched as he rolled away from me on his now two-wheeled bike, slowly gathering momentum.
My mouth was dry as I watched him move away on that maiden voyage and I could do nothing but wait for him to fall off and hit the ground!
And, sure enough, it happened!  He wobbled – a little bit at first, before he eventually lost control completely and fell off!  He scraped his knees and one elbow as he went down
It’s something that most of us can relate to when learning to ride a bike - and it’s something I think we can relate to as business owners ever more!
We might not end up with gravel lodged into our skin, but business life is sure to leave you with a few metaphorical scrapes and cuts from time to time.
The solution - Kneepads! I bought him some the very next day (and elbow pads and a helmet to match – quite uncommon when my son was only 6 – which in itself is a bit of a surprise)
So when he fell off again (and again, and again) it wasn’t such a big deal!
In business there’s no such thing as crash helmets - but you can protect yourself in other ways! 
Understanding exactly how to attract clients at will is one of the ways you can protect yourself – by making sure that you are not beholden to any one client, and therefore ensuring your continued business success

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