Tuesday 16 February 2016

How did you do with your New Years resolutions?

So, now that January is over, it is time to reflect on New Years resolutions;

The world is basically divided into 2 different types of people there are those people that have stuck to their resolutions and there are those that broke them within 24 hours of making them!

The latter group are likely to be the type of people that never want to improve themselves or their business, the type that never wants to get better or do anything different
For these people I have the perfect solution and it will absolutely appeal to these people because it doesn’t actually involve them doing any extra work or changing anything about themselves, their behaviours or anything about their business
In fact, it relies upon them doing exactly what they have been doing, following the exact same daily routine that they have been following for the past however long
I can pretty much guarantee that they won’t make any improvements in any aspect of their lives whatsoever...
It’s a secret life trick that I have found works with just about anything!
Don’t want your fitness to improve? – then simply don’t change anything - even if you go to the gym regularly now, all you have to do is keep your routines exactly the same and I promise you won’t improve.
Don’t want your relationship with your spouse or kids to get better? Again, don’t change anything!
Ignore them just as much as you’re doing now... 
Don’t even worry about giving them extra attention or spending more time with them. Behaviour like this might lead to improvements, so avoid it at all costs!
And it even works in your business too.
If you want things to stay the same, if you’ve got no desire to increase your revenue, no desire to work fewer hours in the business and earn more money,  no desire to grow in any capacity whatsoever – then keep doing the same stuff!
Seriously – this really works!
Stay enclosed in your own world - do not under any circumstances venture beyond your normal routine.
Do the same stuff you did yesterday (and the day before, and the one before that…)
Talk to the same friends and colleagues, act the same way, circle around the same issues and I will guarantee that you will see absolutely no change whatsoever

If, however, you are in the other group of people – the ones that want to stick to the resolutions and want to see some change within their business – then make the first step and do something different

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Until the next time, take care, be bold and do good business

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