Monday 10 August 2015

Are you the unreliable friend?

I have touched on this subject in a previous article but I thought it would be worth revisiting as it is a topic that is close to my heart and the lesson is just as relevant now as it was when I first mentioned it

The fact is that we have all got that one friend, or perhaps for you it’s a family member - you probably know straight away who I’m talking about here - the flaky, unreliable one that no one really takes seriously? The one who says they will meet you at a certain time, but you just know they’re going to be late - If they show up at all!
That family member who always says they’re going to do something but you know they are going to forget until next time the subject comes up?
You know that they mean well and that their hearts are in the right place, but at the same time, you know they’re not someone you can really rely on when push comes to shove!
With friends like this - although you probably get on with them on a personal level - there will always be an element of distrust involved with every communication you have with them. 

It is not that you think they’re dishonest in anyway, but when they say something, you almost expect them to break that promise or go against their word in some way or other – it is just who they are and what you have grown to expect from them.  You just can’t take them seriously.
It is one thing when you have this kind of relationship with your friend or family member, but when you have this kind of relationship with yourself, it could stir up a whole world of trouble!

And it’s something we’ve probably all done at some point!
Let me explain a little bit more; 
You know when you make yourself a promise. Something that you’re going to do by a certain time - something you commit to completing or achieving?  It could be something small like contacting a prospect, or finishing a report or it could be something more fundamental like growing your business or delegating more effectively – whatever it is, you have made a promise with yourself, but then when it comes down to it you give yourself some lame excuse as to why you can’t do it today!
You stop taking yourself seriously.
It won’t happen consciously and you probably won’t even realise it, but when you break your own promises, you are sending a very destructive message out into your universe.
Just stop and think about it for a minute -
You’ll say thing like – ‘I’ll start my diet on Monday…’
Or – ‘Tomorrow morning I’ll get up early and go for a run…’
Or – ‘From today onwards I’m going to take the marketing of my business more seriously’
Every time you say something like that and don’t stick to it, you’re letting yourself down.
You are becoming that unreliable friend that no one really takes seriously.
And all of a sudden… The next time you make a promise to yourself your subconscious brain will kick in and say; ‘You said that last week, but you never do…’
And you’ll even start to believe it.
All I’m saying is, when you commit to doing something for yourself and for your business, stick to it. No excuses!  Start taking yourself more seriously – and others will do the same
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Until the next time, take care, be bold and do good business

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