Sunday 2 August 2015

Wet, naked angry man

Some time ago when I was out for a drink with some friends, one of the group started to tell a story about how he thought he heard someone trying to break into his house.
He and his girlfriend were upstairs getting ready for bed.  He had just got out of the shower - when suddenly he heard a loud crash coming from downstairs.

Now, obviously his options were fairly limited – he could just ignore the noise, he could have sent his girlfriend downstairs to investigate, or he could do something about it himself.
So what did he do?
He ripped off his dressing gown, grabbed a wooden clothes hanger (which just happened to be the first "weapon" he could find) and ran downstairs at full speed, dripping wet and stark naked towards where he thought he heard the sound coming from.
Fortunately – for everyone concerned - it turned out to be a false alarm – some badly stacked Tupperware boxes had decided to re-arrange themselves – as they have a tendency to do – at the most inappropriate of moments – however, that is not important, or indeed, the purpose of this story.
The point is that my friend decided to deliberately rush downstairs stark naked – but why?
Well, in the heat of the moment, he figured it was the best way to frighten the intruders off - and he has a point! I don't know about you, but a strange, wet, angry naked man running at me, full speed,  ranks fairly high in my list of  ‘most frightening things to wittiness in the middle of the night’
An angry naked man seems lot more intimidating than a fully clothed man... and certainly more intimidating than a man in his dressing gown and fluffy slippers!
And that is my whole point - illusion makes all the difference.
That's why positioning your business is so important - if you want your potential clients to take you seriously, you have got to be positioned in the right way.
I'm not talking about running at them naked - in most industries that would be inappropriate – and in some places, highly illegal - but the way you communicate with your potential clients, the way you tell your message and story, the way you offer your prices, the way you operate all need to be in direct coloration with whom it is you want to attract – and, conversely, who it is you want to frighten off!
Get it wrong and you end up attracting some of the "profit suckers" that don't seem to have the ability to pay you on time - if they pay you at all!
Or the "energy drainers" who seem a gazillion times harder to deal with than any other rational human being that you can ever come into contact with.
Or the "price buyers" who don't value what you do, and are constantly demanding cheaper prices.
Get it right - and you end up attracting those clients who you really "click" with.
The customers that you can convert into fans who love the way you do things and are more than happy to pay your premium fees because they appreciate the value you offer.
I know who I'd prefer to work with. What about you?
If you'd like to charge premium prices for your services. And only work with the best clients, and some tips on how to frighten off intruders (we promise NOT to encourage you to run around naked though!) then you should contact us now on 084 3289 3288 (for Blue Box Consultancy) or 08456 894 894 (for Blue Box Executive Recruitment)

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Until the next time, take care, be bold and do good business

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