Friday, 28 August 2015

Do you want to try playing chess with a pigeon?

There’s a big difference between just looking stupid and actually being stupid.  Lets just explore this a little bit;
Looking stupid just means that you’ve done something that didn’t quite work out as planned - maybe it was something you did by accident like walk into a lamppost, or maybe it’s something you did on purpose that just backfired – we have all done it in the past, and you can bet that we will all do it again sometime in the future – that’s life!

But whether you did it on purpose or by accident the end result is just the same - you know you looked stupid and everyone around you knows that you looked stupid too!
But actually being stupid is something completely different
The worst thing about stupid people is that for the most part they don’t know that they are stupid
So they will embark on things that everyone else around them can see is really stupid, but they will still argue and tell you why it is the right thing to do.  They will try and justify their own stupidity to both you – and mainly – themselves

And the thing that makes them really stupid?  They have either tried it before (and it didn’t work then) or they will try it again in the future (and it wont work for them then either)

As Albert Einstein once said ‘the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results’

It is quite easy to get drawn into to arguments with people like this, but their stupidity can be frustrating to watch – if you have ever watched a car crash in slow motion, when there is nothing that you can do to prevent it from happening – the feeling is very similar!
There’s no reasoning with stupid people though - It’s a bit like playing chess with a pigeon (or so I would imagine!)
They will strut around knocking all the pieces over, mess all over the chess board and still fly back to their mates and claim victory! (again, so I would imagine)
I see quite a lot of stupid behaviour in some of the businesses that we visit when we are doing our business development meetings
Managing Directors who say that they have always marketed their business in a certain way – using marketing materials that were designed 20 years ago for a market that existed 20 years ago.  And then they tell me that their marketing is not successful in attracting new customers – but they cannot understand why

This makes them look stupid –this is fine  - as I mentioned above, we have all done things that make us look stupid, but then they very quickly go from just looking stupid to actually being stupid, because instead of realising that they’re not getting the results they want and doing something about it, they will realise they’re not getting the results they want but still carry on doing the same thing

Surely that is the definition of insanity!
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